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One fireman to another.

March 23, 2017

A short story.

Our office is going to raise some money and get a gift card (or several) from Panera Bread to give to the Six Forks Station Fire Department #9 for their heroic efforts in the big fire last week. As it happened, I had some photographic equipment that belonged to my father who passed away many years ago. I have been storing it and moving it around over 3 different moves. I decided it was time to do something constructive with the two bins of equipment. I contacted Tony at Southeastern Camera and he agreed to take a look and see if it had any value to him. He gave me $50 for stuff that would have probably been thrown away. I remembered that when we lived in a small town outside of Rochester, NY, my father was a volunteer fireman with the Sea Breeze Fire Department. It seemed logical to give this money from my Dad to the Fireman here in Raleigh. It is a small amount, but I think he would have appreciated the gesture.